Here are the Top Ten reasons to private label your products:

1.  Control: Private labeling allows more control over your product, you get to make the rules. 

2.  Higher margins: Private labeled products as a rule are less expensive than national brands. Retails can average 10% higher margins oversimilar branded products.

3.  Brand loyalty: Private label allows you to creat your own unique image which developes a marketing identity for your products.

4.  Money-saving strategies: during economic downturns which address the seller's need for cost-effective sales as well as the client's needfor financiallysound purchases.

5.  Product Images: specifically designed to keep your customer returning, creating loyalty and therefore repeated revenue.

6.  Direct control: Over pricing and product availability.

7.  Less middlemen: in the distribution process,you retain more profit.

8.  Increased quality: you set the quality standards for your product.

9.  Exclusivity: your product will not have the price pressure from competing national brands.

10. Ownership: you own your brand so no competitor can under cut the price of your product.

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